2nd Act - Rebound - detail

2nd Act – Rebound – detail

Demry Frankenheimer is a multimedia artist who utilizes a collection of materials to create a visual vocabulary, a language that enables her to define and articulate an experience, a concept or a moment in time. Within this language, she plays with the juxtaposition of her materials exploring the relationship of beauty and angst and their co-existence in the world.  In 1987 she earned her Bachelors of Science in Environmental Design from the University of Colorado and was hired by Hewlett Packard as a Design Engineer to research the physical environment’s influence on behavior and performance. After several successful implementations she returned to graduate school where her work focused on creating spaces which evoked emotions and in 2001 received her MFA from the University of Colorado.  In 2015 Demry was selected to participate in the CSArt Colorado Program (Community Supported Art Colorado).  And in 2016 participated in the Boulder Open Studios Tour where she received the People’s Choice Award.  Demry has shown in various galleries, taught art, co-developed an art program for a private school and volunteered in School Art classes.  She continues to explore with new materials and is currently teaching workshops in her studio.