Artist Statement

Through the use of various materials, I have developed a visual vocabulary, a language that enables me to define and articulate an experience, a concept or a moment in time.  The choice of materials is deliberate, permitting me to “write” what I see and sense.   Within this language I play with the juxtaposition of the elements, exploring the interdependence of beauty and angst and their co-existence in the world. For example, sewing needles placed within the lace-like quality of the kozo might reference domesticity, the perception of mending or nurturing, however, en mass they can embody a different, more aggressive energy. Or the layers of translucent silk with burn marks and edges, sewn on to burnt paper might invoke a beautiful yet slightly edgy reference to the unspoken, unseen.   The placement of each of my materials within the work is intentional as I attempt to visually capture and articulate a specific sensation while referencing the metaphorical dance between light and dark.